Polycred is shutting down on 16th August, 2023. Please see our Shutdown Statement to see what actions you need to take.

You're vulnerable, secure your email now

Get instant protection against hackers, criminals and spammers by installing the easy to use browser addon. It only takes a second to set up and once you do, we can mask your email address(es) with a single click when you sign up to websites. Read on to learn why this is vital.

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Why this is so important

Today, we use the same email address(es) for all of the sites we sign up to. This makes our email address a common target for password attacks from automated bots and cyber criminals. If these attacks are successful it will cost significant money at best, and destroy lives at worst. Be protected from identity theft, financial attack and private information leaks.


It requires next to no effort to use

By using Polycred the odds of being attacked through the web are greatly diminished. Something as simple as an email address being leaked online in a database can be enough to cause significant and irreversible damage. Once your email is leaked it can never be revoked from the internet.

What it looks like

Here's a demo animation showing how easy it is to use the addon to secure your identity

Polycred automatically injects a button onto the email fields of the websites you visit. Click it to create an alias on the fly to mask your personal email address.

example.com Signup Form
Polycred pointing hand cursor
example.com Signup Form
Polycred pointing hand cursor

Not only for individuals

Polycred is business friendly. Protect intellectual property, employees and financials.

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