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Email privacy for the modern web

Keep your personal email address hidden without the hassle of a separate inbox. Stop spam once and for all by controlling who can send you emails. Use Polycred on any website email field to instantly generate email aliases with a single click.

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How it works

Polycred makes email privacy easier than ever before

Sign up to websites by generating email aliases. Send and receive emails using your personal email inbox. Emails sent to your alias simply appear in your email inbox, and your email replies are seamlessly relayed back to the sender. Your personal email address will never be shown to any sender or recipient, they will only see your alias.

Polycred flow diagram

Generate on sign up

Click the Polycred icon on email fields on a website's sign-up page to generate an email alias. All emails from this website will be sent to your alias which will appear in your personal inbox. Polycred will never reveal your personal email address to a website. Polycred is also compatible with password managers.

Log in to websites

Polycred remembers which generated email aliases belong to which websites, and will conveniently auto-fill log in forms for you.

Stay protected

If you are receiving spam or suspect a website has leaked your generated email alias you can disable or delete it with a single click. By using a unique alias on each website Polycred protects you against hackers and social engineering attacks.

What it does

Some of our free and pro tier offerings

Convenient, easy and fast

Generate on any website inside the email field, or at any time inside the browser extension pop-up.

Unlimited email aliases

We have no restriction on the number of email aliases you are allowed to generate.

Manage email aliases

Was your generated email alias sold to marketers, leaked, or are you receiving spam? Delete or temporarily disable it to stop all in-bound mail.

Reply to any email 

Reply from your personal inbox and we will relay your email to the other recipients without exposing your personal email address.

Custom email alias and domains 

You have full customizability. Choose your own email alias at the time of generation, and optionally use your own custom domain name.

Flexible personal email destination 

Every generated email alias can be configured individually to relay mail to any of your personal email addresses. You aren't restricted to a single inbox.

Getting started

Start generating within seconds


Install the addon for Chrome, Firefox or Edge.


Create an account for free.


Start conveniently generating email aliases.