Frequently Asked Questions

Polycred is an email management browser extension tool and service, designed with the goal of increasing email privacy and stopping email spam. Polycred is an email alias generator - also known as a temporary mail generator or disposable email generator, but unlike traditional temporary email generators, the emails that you generate with Polycred will act as relays to your personal email inbox. This means that you can use your regular email inbox (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) as you normally would - all while preserving your email privacy and having a way to permanently eliminate spam.

Polycred accomplishes this by forwarding the emails that are sent to your generated email aliases to your personal email address, ensuring that nobody ever sees your personal email address. This keeps your email address safe and confidential, so that it cannot be sold to marketers or leaked on the web. Pro members can seamlessly reply to emails from their regular email inbox, and Polycred will relay the emails back to the original sender without ever revealing your personal email address.

Companies often sell our personal information to third parties for profit. Your email address might also be scraped from public websites that are in the bad habit of exposing your email address.

By concealing your real email address, and only ever using generated email aliases, nobody can ever find out your real personal email address. If your email aliases get leaked, you just delete or disable them, create new ones, and continue onwards spam-free. By using a unique alias for each website you sign up to, you can stop all spammers associated to that particular website or leak of personal information without affecting the flow of your other emails. Polycred is also a useful tool to determine which companies are selling or leaking your personal information.

Yes it does! By concealing your real e-mail address which quite often has some personal information in it such as [email protected] With that small amount of information someone can start building a profile on you for identity theft or other malicious social engineering attacks. For example, by signing up to multiple services using the same email address, if someone were to discover your email address they may attempt to impersonate you to your banking service and gain access to your accounts. By using a unique Polycred email alias on each website you sign up to you can be confident that attackers will not be successful in their efforts.

Another real world example where Polycred protects your privacy is in the scenario of data leaks from services. Quite often the email addresses leaked specifically from financial services will become targets of phishing email scams and attackers will send you fraudulent emails attempting to steal your login information for other websites and services, or your financial data. By using Polycred, if your email alias is ever leaked in one of these scenarios, you can simply delete that alias and prevent all phishing scams from reaching you.

Yes it does. Polycred is transparent to email providers and uses advanced anti-spam compliance methods to ensure your emails are not detected as spam by your email provider.

Polycred will never disclose any information that can lead back to your personal email address.

It's important to note that email clients or email signatures can insert information into replies that can compromise your identity, so please be mindful about the content of your emails. Polycred also takes efforts to strip out any potentially identifying information automatically and will scan the email headers to make sure your personal email address is removed from them.

You can generate up to 40 email aliases per day, and send up to 100 emails per day from your list of generated aliases. These limits are in place to prevent abuse. If you need an adjusted limit please contact support.

Polycred caches your aliases and settings so that you can load the extension and generate without lengthy page load times. This can result in data becoming out of sync if you frequently generate or change settings across multiple devices.

To resync your data you can press the Polycred logo in the dropdown on any website. When hovering over the Polycred logo you will see a "Resync" button appear.

You can also resync on the Emails page or the Generate page of the extension popup window by pressing the resync icon in the top right corner, opposite the Back button.

If you restart your browser, or log out and then in again, your settings and aliases list will also be resynced.