Polycred is shutting down on 16th August, 2023. Please see our Shutdown Statement to see what actions you need to take.

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Hackers are constantly breaching websites to gain access to your email address and passwords. They're using this data to access your online accounts, fraudulently make payments against your credit card, steal your identity, and target you with scams and spam. Secure your online identity now using the free Polycred browser addon.

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How it works

Polycred makes email privacy easier than ever before

Generate email aliases using the Polycred browser addon when signing up to sites. Send and receive emails using your personal email inbox. Emails sent to your alias simply appear in your personal inbox, and your email replies are automatically relayed back to the sender. Your personal email address will never be shown to any sender or recipient, they will only see your alias. This protects you against website data breaches and dangerous attack vectors caused by personal email address re-use.

Polycred flow diagram

Using the addon

Secure your mailbox in a few simple steps

Generate on sign up

Click the Polycred icon on email fields on a website's sign-up page to generate an email alias. All emails from this website will be sent through your alias to your personal inbox.

Log in to websites

Polycred remembers which email alias belongs to which website you signed up to, and will conveniently provide an auto-fill dialog for you to select from.

Stay protected

If you are receiving spam or suspect a website has leaked your generated email alias you can disable or delete it with a single click and keep your personal inbox clean and protected.

Free & Pro tier features you'll love

Manage email aliases Free

Was your generated email alias sold to marketers, leaked, or are you receiving spam? Delete or temporarily disable it to stop all incoming mail.

Compose new emails Paid

Not only can you receive and reply to emails, you can also send new emails from any alias to any recipient without leaking your personal email address.

Unlimited email aliases Paid

Free users can generate 20 email aliases, and Pro users can generate unlimited email aliases. Use Polycred on every service you sign up for and take control.

Reply to any email Paid

Need to reach a websites support or sales team? Reply from your personal inbox and we will relay your email to the recipient without exposing your personal email address.

Customize alias and domains Paid

You have full customizability. Choose your own alias name at the time of generation, and optionally use your own custom domain name.

Multiple personal mailboxes Paid

Every generated email alias can be individually configured to relay mail to any of your personal inboxes.

Security statistics

Polycred protects you from the following

  Sites hacked Source

30,000 websites are hacked daily.

  Data breaches Source

4,000 data breaches occur yearly.

  Records stolen Source

1 billion+ records are stolen yearly.

Get started for free
   20,000+ aliases created.