Polycred is shutting down on 16th August, 2023. Please see our Shutdown Statement to see what actions you need to take.

Press Kit

About Polycred

Thank you for your interest in Polycred. Polycred was released in 2021 by two software engineering co-founders. Our co-founders are located in Australia (Brisbane) and Canada (Vancouver). Our business is registered in Canada.

Polycred was created to solve some of the larger problems plaguing the email system, namely: email spam, email security and email privacy. If your personal email address has been leaked, exposed online, or provided to marketers it is nearly impossible to get spam emails under control again without Polycred. Email users who do not use email aliases are also vulnerable to a variety of email based attacks such as phishing scams, impersonation (spoofing attacks), and social engineering attacks.

Historically people have used temporary email services or disposable email services as a solution to these problems, however Polycred is far more convenient because it allows you to continue to use your existing email inbox. We also provide an extremely easy to use browser extension that will allow you to generate and autofill email aliases directly on the websites you use, so that you don't need to remember which of your aliases belong to which website.

As browser-based Password Managers have paved the way for password security in an extremely convenient way, we see Polycred's Alias Manager paving the way for email privacy and security. Part of our mission is to educate the public about the dangers of email re-use, as the security and privacy implications of this practice are not widely understood yet.

If you'd like to chat to us about the service you can reach us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

If you have written or are planning to write an article about Polycred please let us know and we can add a backlink to it on our website.

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Press kit
  • Press Release Sample
  • Logos -- Black, white and colored logos on invisible backgrounds. Png and svg formats.
  • Screenshots -- Various screenshots of the Polycred extension (on-page and popup), and demos of functionality. Png format.
  • Banners -- Banners of the Polycred logo in various colors and sizes, with and without taglines. Png format.
Media inquiries

For interviews, questions related to our branding materials or logos, or any other media inquiries please contact the Polycred founders at [email protected].